A Message From Our Founder

Over the course of 30 plus years, I have identified numerous “problem areas” facing most small to medium sized businesses. Many small businesses have gone under due to poor marketing advice and on-going “front loading” service fees. That fact, together with the Big Box Stores coming into communities of all sizes, has caused countless small businesses to close their doors.

It became my passion to create a program that would allow these businesses, “at risk”, to compete with the Super Stores without “price cutting” and “discount coupons”. After 6 years of development and hundreds of thousands of dollars in software development and test marketing, our Team has perfected the first co-op Loyalty Program that gives businesses the “tools” to compete in the marketplace. Participating businesses do this by awarding their loyal customers with “Credits” that can be spent like cash, at any participating merchant in our network.

Furthermore, we take the loyalty program concept to a whole new level through our innovative Group Profit Sharing plan that pays participating businesses residual income whenever their own customers shop elsewhere in the Family Bundles network. Unlike other Loyalty Programs that charge businesses transaction fees and service fees, the Family Bundles Program only costs between 1% to 5% of the retail transaction cost to reward consumers and increase profits at the same time. We also spend a generous amount for advertising and marketing, which reduces, even eliminates in some cases, those expenses for the businesses in our program.

I learned a great deal about “Success in Business” from my father, Frederic G. Horn. As an entrepreneur and inventor, his philosophy was simple: “Find a need and fill it”. He also taught me that when we put the success of our clients as our primary goal, our own success is sure to follow. My dad saw my vision, and came forward to become my first investor. Up until his death, at age 93, in 2002, he was actively involved in the growth of this unique program. He recognized the fact that Family Bundles is more than just another Marketing Program.

It is a stimulus package at the “grass roots” level designed to boost the local economies of each community that we serve. Because of his faith and encouragement to pursue this vision, independent businesses and consumers alike will benefit, in many ways.


Kim Vogler
President & Founder Family Bundles